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Therapies at Glance


Immersion BathHipBath

Hydrotherapy – Hip Bath, Spinal Bath,  Immersion Bath

Foot Bath

Steam Bath









Foot Bath, Steam Bath, Sauna Bath,




Facial Mud Sand BathFull Body Mud Bath

Mud Therapy – Full body mud bath, facial mud bath, local application of Mud i.e. abdomen and forehead, Sand Bath



Sun Bath

Sun Therapy – Sun Bath, Sun Bath with Plantain & Neem leaves and charomotherapy ( Colour Therapy)


Pranayama Brisk Walk Jogging

Air Therapy – Pranayama, Morning Evening Walks, Jogging, Brisk walk


Fasting Therapy – Fasting on juices, fruits, lemon water, simple water, butter milk and milk kalp



Acupressure Therapy- Acupressure track, acupressure equipments.



Gym Therapy – In this section we are having latest and effective gymnasium equipments.


Massage Full Body Massage

Massage Therapy – Full body massage & partial massage with natural oils.

Morning Yoga

Yoga Therapy – Daily yoga classes



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