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Therapies at Glance

Immersion BathHipBath

Hydrotherapy Hip Bath, Spinal Bath, Immersion Bath

Foot Bath

Steam Bath

Foot Bath, Steam Bath, Sauna Bath,

Facial Mud Sand BathFull Body Mud Bath

Mud Therapy Full body mud bath, facial mud bath, local application of Mud i.e. abdomen and forehead, Sand Bath

Sun Bath

Sun Therapy Sun Bath, Sun Bath with Plantain & Neem leaves and charomotherapy ( Colour Therapy)

Pranayama Brisk Walk Jogging

Air Therapy Pranayama, Morning Evening Walks, Jogging, Brisk walk


Fasting Therapy Fasting on juices, fruits, lemon water, simple water, butter milk and milk kalp


Acupressure Therapy- Acupressure track, acupressure equipments.


Gym Therapy In this section we are having latest and effective gymnasium equipments.

Massage Full Body Massage

Massage Therapy Full body massage & partial massage with natural oils.

Morning Yoga

Yoga Therapy Daily yoga classes

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