At present, The Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh is running Naturopathy hospital, Goshala, Khadi Gramodyog Bhandar as well as education School upto Eight class in Pattikalyana which is the Headquarter of the Trust. The most important centre is situated and located at sector 16-A, Chandigarh known as ‘Gandhi Smarak Bhawan’ which has a big library and reading room and another big hall where workshops and conference are held on Gandhian thought and National issues and problems as well as Naturopathy centre is being run. Similarly in Jalandhar, Hissar and Harsemansar, Naturopathy center and other Gandhian activities are being conducted.

At present, the Trustees of Board of Trustees are as follows:

  1. Smt, Nirmal Dutt                                            Trustee/Chairperson
  2. Shri Anand Kumar Sharan                          Trustee
  3. Shri Deep Chand Nirmohi                          Trustee
  4. Dr. Balkrishan Kaushik                                 Trustee
  5. Shri Ram Chandra Rahi                               Trustee
  6. Shri Mukesh Kumar Sharma                      Trustee
  7. Shri Ajit Pal                                                        Trustee

Since The Societies Registration Act, 1860 has been repealed by the Haryana Registration and Regulation of Societies Act, 2012 and under Section 9 sub-section 5 of “The Haryana Rgistration and Regulation Societies (Amendment) Act, 2013”, it has been provided that any society may get itself de-registered under the present Act and get itself registered under the Indian Trust Act, 1882.

It is, therefore, resolved that the main structure of the society shall remain unchanged. All movable, immovable properties, all assets, and liabilities including debits and credits, stocks and reserve fund etc., with cash in hand of Rs. 38,598.35 paisa and capital fund of Rs. 1,58,47,487.99 on 31-03-2016 as per balance sheet of year ending…